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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010

its been almost 2yrs since this blog~
and its mean 2010 had come to the end~
with the last big ACG event of the year~
i present a blog entry for Comic Fiesta 2010~XD

this year CF2010 held at Berjaya Time Square Hotel.....which can say is an awesome place in some way...cuz its located in the center of the KL....

so~the day b4 CF i overnite at D'Angelus place helping some of their stuff after i done all mine....
end up only sleep for 3hrs and rushing to BTW early morning cuz got the dance practice...
through out the day 1 i dun feel like cosplaying at all....at the morning cosplayed as Mutou Tooru from Shiki~later changed to XiahouYuan around noon and go for the group competition~after tat changed back to Tooru again~LOL....cuz dun feel like wearing the armour...so much trouble...

and day 1 we leaving early cuz really dun hv the mood and i dunno y...ahaha.....so me and Yuan going home around 6...yea~i'm overnite at Yuan's place after day 1 end~

and proceed to Day 2~~the most tired day for me and Yuan.....
1st,Yuan get sick at the morning,fever and cough while i'm oso cough and having my period on that day...ugh.....wat an unlucky day for us.....i skipped all the dance practice and the dance performance cuz i not really feeling well.....very very sorry to Satan for ffk and disappointed him....*bow*

so after we done some make up at home,we drive to BTS and continue to put on our costume and ready for the solo competition.....
after register,we walk around outside the hall and we keep being stopped and taking photo....so we gettin very tired after few hrs and the competition not yet started,reason of tired is we cannot sit at all cuz of our costume....if Yuan sit,his props at her back sure will tear off,if i sit my leg sure will be poked by the safety pin(safety pin is not safe anymore~LOL)...

competition started kinda late and after tat we still have to waited in the hall for nearly an hour.....and we missed all the chance for making photoshoot....arghh..........thx to the schedule being draggy for whole days.......even our Dai Spammerz dance oso drag until 8pm++..........but its fine since every1 is having fun on the dance party~haha~~

alrite~below is some of my feedback for comicfiesta~[copied format from Kilmasis~XD]


compare to Sunway,the hall is too cramped,well,is not bout the space of the hall.....is the floor plan problem...the sponsor booth is taking almost half of the space while the doujin booth need to squeeze in other side of the hall and is hard for cosplayer to walk in the narrow path

taking photo at doujin booth area
this hd been happening every year,but i remember last year at least they got the sign stating no photo session allowed in doujin booth area.
but this year i didn't see any sign,so turn out many cosplayer being stopped in the doujin area by customer/audience and taking photo,not to mention the pathway is very small and narrow and everybody had to wait and only continue moving when somebody done taking photo of cosplayer.

Taking Photo without permission
a same issue every year......cosplayer being snapped without permission.....and there is many time when i notice me and yuan being snapped [tat time Yuan was sleeping cuz very tired while waiting for the finalist to come out] i told the person stop taking photo but the person still taking it....sigh.........

Draggy schedule is draggy....
i didn't feel it on day1 cuz i didn't get into any mood tat day......but on day 2......whoa....tat is 1 of draggy event schedule........solo competition shud start on 2pm,and all the cosplayer gathered at the DJ booth...not to mention the participant so many plus large amount of audience in front of the stage and the air is gettin suffocated...after comp,we being informed to stay another 10-15 minutes for the finalist to come out,but in the end, we waited almost an hour......oTL.....performance oso being draggy......sigh............

Bad Lighting...
yea the lighting sure bad in the hall...........so.....nth we can do bout it...*coughnogoodlightinginmalaysiathoughcough*


haha~~Alfred and Sean sure are the best Emcee for CF~~u guys are RAWKS!!!XDDDDD~~

Cool Performance
every performance are awesome no matter is singing performance,dance performance or band performance~all the performer are ROCK~~GOOD JOB ON PUTTING EFFORT IN THE PERFORMANCE~~~



Hall floor plan
need to be carefull on drafting the floor plan on how to organize all the booth.....every things have to given evenly......

No photographer in doujin booth area
sign have to put around the area or make some committee or volunteer to secure the place,spotted 1 then ask them out politely,cosplayer and photographer can have their photo session outside the hall or somewhere wider.....


alrite~long post is long post~~
so plz bear with it~~is the last entry of the year~LOL
now~~lets hope next year will got a better ACG event~~XDD

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