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Finally decided to open a blog that will only report bout my cosplay and the event i attended~~XD~~well...not only event lah~sometime maybe ...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010

its been almost 2yrs since this blog~
and its mean 2010 had come to the end~
with the last big ACG event of the year~
i present a blog entry for Comic Fiesta 2010~XD

this year CF2010 held at Berjaya Time Square Hotel.....which can say is an awesome place in some way...cuz its located in the center of the KL....

so~the day b4 CF i overnite at D'Angelus place helping some of their stuff after i done all mine....
end up only sleep for 3hrs and rushing to BTW early morning cuz got the dance practice...
through out the day 1 i dun feel like cosplaying at all....at the morning cosplayed as Mutou Tooru from Shiki~later changed to XiahouYuan around noon and go for the group competition~after tat changed back to Tooru again~LOL....cuz dun feel like wearing the armour...so much trouble...

and day 1 we leaving early cuz really dun hv the mood and i dunno y...ahaha.....so me and Yuan going home around 6...yea~i'm overnite at Yuan's place after day 1 end~

and proceed to Day 2~~the most tired day for me and Yuan.....
1st,Yuan get sick at the morning,fever and cough while i'm oso cough and having my period on that day...ugh.....wat an unlucky day for us.....i skipped all the dance practice and the dance performance cuz i not really feeling well.....very very sorry to Satan for ffk and disappointed him....*bow*

so after we done some make up at home,we drive to BTS and continue to put on our costume and ready for the solo competition.....
after register,we walk around outside the hall and we keep being stopped and taking photo....so we gettin very tired after few hrs and the competition not yet started,reason of tired is we cannot sit at all cuz of our costume....if Yuan sit,his props at her back sure will tear off,if i sit my leg sure will be poked by the safety pin(safety pin is not safe anymore~LOL)...

competition started kinda late and after tat we still have to waited in the hall for nearly an hour.....and we missed all the chance for making photoshoot....arghh..........thx to the schedule being draggy for whole days.......even our Dai Spammerz dance oso drag until 8pm++..........but its fine since every1 is having fun on the dance party~haha~~

alrite~below is some of my feedback for comicfiesta~[copied format from Kilmasis~XD]


compare to Sunway,the hall is too cramped,well,is not bout the space of the hall.....is the floor plan problem...the sponsor booth is taking almost half of the space while the doujin booth need to squeeze in other side of the hall and is hard for cosplayer to walk in the narrow path

taking photo at doujin booth area
this hd been happening every year,but i remember last year at least they got the sign stating no photo session allowed in doujin booth area.
but this year i didn't see any sign,so turn out many cosplayer being stopped in the doujin area by customer/audience and taking photo,not to mention the pathway is very small and narrow and everybody had to wait and only continue moving when somebody done taking photo of cosplayer.

Taking Photo without permission
a same issue every year......cosplayer being snapped without permission.....and there is many time when i notice me and yuan being snapped [tat time Yuan was sleeping cuz very tired while waiting for the finalist to come out] i told the person stop taking photo but the person still taking it....sigh.........

Draggy schedule is draggy....
i didn't feel it on day1 cuz i didn't get into any mood tat day......but on day 2......whoa....tat is 1 of draggy event schedule........solo competition shud start on 2pm,and all the cosplayer gathered at the DJ booth...not to mention the participant so many plus large amount of audience in front of the stage and the air is gettin suffocated...after comp,we being informed to stay another 10-15 minutes for the finalist to come out,but in the end, we waited almost an hour......oTL.....performance oso being draggy......sigh............

Bad Lighting...
yea the lighting sure bad in the hall...........so.....nth we can do bout it...*coughnogoodlightinginmalaysiathoughcough*


haha~~Alfred and Sean sure are the best Emcee for CF~~u guys are RAWKS!!!XDDDDD~~

Cool Performance
every performance are awesome no matter is singing performance,dance performance or band performance~all the performer are ROCK~~GOOD JOB ON PUTTING EFFORT IN THE PERFORMANCE~~~



Hall floor plan
need to be carefull on drafting the floor plan on how to organize all the booth.....every things have to given evenly......

No photographer in doujin booth area
sign have to put around the area or make some committee or volunteer to secure the place,spotted 1 then ask them out politely,cosplayer and photographer can have their photo session outside the hall or somewhere wider.....


alrite~long post is long post~~
so plz bear with it~~is the last entry of the year~LOL
now~~lets hope next year will got a better ACG event~~XDD

Saturday, November 20, 2010

AFA X~~woohoo~~~~

Wheeeee~~~~~~*turn round and round*
Finally get to update AFA~~~nyahahahaha~~~`yesh i'm back from Philipines~~~LOL

so~~AFA~~is in Singapore~~juz like past 2 years~~
this time i'm traveling to S'pore with @fun and reach there 1 day earlier~~
after reach at Changi Airport~Jeremy edi waited for us and we heading to our hostel for room check-in~
haha~we check-in to a private room due to the dorm tat we booked is currently unavailable~and the private room are NICE~~and we even camwhore in the room at nite with our costume on~XD
~camwhoring in the room~[credited to @Fun]

On the 2nd day~~which is AFA day1~~me and @Fun going to The Hives(where Misaki and the rest are stayin) and we start to make-up plus changing costume~~and after all done and waiting for the cab to come~some of our photo being snatch~~ahaha~~

~waiting for the cab~[2photo above credited to Chiwayu]

After waiting sooooo hot in our costume~finally the cab is here~~and here we off to Suntec City Hall~~wheeeeee~~~XDXDDDD
after get me and @Fun tickets from Jeremy~all of us was separate cuz of the huge crowd....well....its really big plus with different country are all here~
after fixing @Fun's Perona crown~we bumped with Hapi near the entrance~so we going inside together~but once we juz step inside....both of us being stopped and interviewed by media...8D....but after tat @Fun's crown is falling down...OAO...and tat time many ppl wanna take the photo but we can't do anything bout tat so we juz said sorry and get to the corner start fixing the crown again......

~day1 cosplay as Azure Kite from .hack//G.U.~[credited to Yap William]
~bumped with Hapi~[credited to Hapi]~interviewed by the media~[credited to Hapi]

this year AFA is even bigger and crowder compare to the past AFA.....and i was sweating like hell in my costume cuz most of my body part being covered by few layers of clothes....not to mention my gloves are leather and there whole lotsa belts tied up on my legs and neck...*phew*......

we had lotsa fun and playing around at the so called "Malaysia Area"~LOL~cuz most of the M'sia Cosplayer are gathering in one spot~aahahaha~~~~
~The so called Malaysia Area~[credited to Hapi]
~i'm the only GUY!!~[credited to WaiLeong]
~with @Fun and my daughter Shushu~[credited to Hapi]
~Alex being ultimate Uke~[credited to Hapi]

so when i almost can't stand it i straight away go to toilet to change back to normal around 5pm~
and around this time others also start to pack up and ready to go for dinner~~XD
and what is our dinner??is vegetarian dinner at Lavender~~~XD~~and the food are nice~~
~group photo b4 end our day~

we only go back to our own place and rest after the whole tiring days....and i almost fall sick on tat day...*sigh*

on 3rd day~~which is AFA day2~more tiring....and pissed....and......ugh....dun wanna said again...
1st my phone died......so rush to 7-11 to buy a simcard while @Fun make up in the hostel...
2nd its start to rain...so me and @Fun rushing to MRT station......
3rd....we forgot bout the AFA ticket...so i need to rush back to the hostel and grab the ticket and rush back to the station again........oTL.....

and finally we reach STCC and we continue on our make-up while misaki send my sunglasses to fix....

after all done~we all go to the Stage Hall to support Chris on the Regional Cosplay Championship~woohoo~~~Kaname juz got conned by Chris cuz all the judges and audience even the emcee taught Chris is a girl....[well Chris cosplay as Erza from Fairy Tail and through out his performance he didn't talk until the end the judges giving opinions]...it was epic!!
and of coz other country performance are awesome too~~i like the Garo team~~XD~~
~The Malaysia Team~left is Zoey as Ikagura and right is Chris as Erza Scarlet~[3photo above credited to Wai Leong]

so after the cosplay competition~i'm heading out and finally saw my Izaya(yes i'm cosplaying as Shizuo~)ahaha~~~so we head back in the hall and walk around~play around~~having lotsa fun ofcoz~~
~Taking photo with Yuki and Izaya aka hapi~[credited to Yuki]

~a small group photo~[credited to Wai Leong]

~all bully Yukito~ahahaha~[credited to Wai Leong]

~Boa Hancock pose*LOL at Hanzo*~[credited to Wai Leong]

~OMG i being TOPPED!!!NO SHIZUO ISH SEME!!!!!!~[credited to Hapi]

and the happy day end really really fast.............cuz Misaki,Cindy,Chris' mum,Yukito and Rex going back M'sia on tat day...and the rest of us heading to McD to have our dinner....after tat Vix them all also heading back to M'sia via train...

last~me and @Fun heading back to our hostel to get a nice rest~and we continue to walk around S'pore the next day b4 we go to Changi Airport and fly back to Malaysia~

this year didn't manage to know new friend....maybe cuz alot of M'sian cosplayer hangout together...hmnnn....but we got lotsa good memory also~~

~a nice group photo before end~Malaysian Cosplayer FTW!!!~[credited to Wai Leong]

and we also heard rumor said AFA will be held in Thailand next year~so we will plan another trip there together if its true~~XDXDDDD~~~

so i think i juz stop here~
and now havta rush stuff for CF tat comin around the corner....arghhh~~~ganbate~~~

till the next updates~~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HELP Haunted Mansion + Animangaki'10

Now lets see~my last post in this blog is 2nd Sept...now is 3th November....so its been 2month i din update in this blog...means.....2month din hv any event happen....hmmnnnnnXDXD

well~~now there is new event~juz over~and imma still high~haha~~and its juz happened last week~~XDXDDD~now lets get into the some "cool story" bro~XD

1st is Haunted Mansion@Help during 29th October 2010~haha~b4 this we went to the HELP on 22nd for briefing and rehearsal~

So on the actual day~after picking up Vix at B.jalil station~we went to IOI Mall to meet up with Ash....and that he was late.....so when we reach HELP...its edi 2pm~
so 3 of us~start helping Xajin,Janice,Sam,Belle,Abby for the haunted mansion decoration....mostly on the mirror japanese twins ghost station.....yea~~tats lotsa decoration compare to other station~

after tat on 6pm~all of us start to make up and dressing up for the event~many funny things happened~1 of it is after Wen finished make up and Xajin check on him,Xajin said add some words on his back~so~1st they wrote a chinese letter “死”(means die/death) on his back.....but Xajin said add more~so Vix take the marker(and its apermanent marker) wrote 2 more letter,so the 3 words become “死仔包”(means something like asshole......i think....)....so all of us there laugh like hell~~this is Wen's back tat written with the 3 letter,i thinking of covering the words with fake blood but seems i'd phailed.....LOL....(photo credit to Wen)

this is the scenes tat all of us preparing for the Mansion(photo credit to Wen aka the human CCTV),the light start to off and we start to packing and go back to our own station~

The Haunted Mansion start around 8pm~and all of us standby in our station~the Mansion is based on the 13th Ghost~and those visitors that enter the Mansion is a group of 5 and they need to complete total of 5trials to escape the Mansion~

so~Abby is the "receptionist" in the Mansion's waiting room for giving a briefing to the team~and my station juz beside Abby~so when the teams are coming i'll be the 1 who scared them~but most of them doesn't really tat scared so after few groups over i start to follow them to the next station which is Xenon and Felicia's Station~tats when the group start to scared when i follow~ahahaha~~~

this is me~~the priest~~XD(photo credit to Wen)

so here is the route of stations~
Abby(waiting room)->me(priest)->Xenon&Felicia(young boy and mad scientist aka the 1st trial)->Aaron(the hunter)->Wen&a girl which i forgot her name(the damned Demon and a Shaman aka the 2nd trial)->Chiko(JuOn)->Jun&Sam(the dolls)->Belle&Janice(the japanese twins ghost aka the 3rd trial)->Vix(the vengeful spirit)->Ash(the banshee)->Amy(the witch aka the 4th trial)->Xajin(the GameMaster aka the Mansion's owner aka the final trial)

Well~although the Haunted Mansion is fun~and its totally different from the haunted hse we enter....but during the event and after event there still lotsa unhappy stuff happened.......and its sort of like my bad dream i had b4 the event.....Ash's hair being pulled and put down on earth by some1 from the visitors.....Xenon and Felicia station's candle being blow off by some visitors......and Xajin sprained his leg in the end of the event after keeps running back and forth from the entrance till exit summore keeps stressing......and after tat few important things lost in the room tat we put our bag and we couldn't find it after searching for every1 bag.......so every1 moods keeps on going down.....and tired....

but due to there is nth more we can do....all of us start to going back.....Ash went home with his twins and Marina so i juz send Xenon back after tat rush back to HELP to pick up Wen,Chiko and Aaron.........after reaching home....its edi 2am in the morning...*phew*


So~after dying at home for whole day on Saturday~which is after the Haunted Mansion~~Sunday ish coming and here comes Animangaki~~XD

Vix and I woke up early on tat day cuz we got a dance practice so we reached Sun-U at 8am~but end up Satan not there yet cuz Kori is late~~so~~we go to 7-11 and buy breakfast only we enter the Uni to meet up Michelle,Yuo and Suzanne~XD

while waiting for Satan~Suzanne go to toilet to fix her make up~while me start to make up and changing costume~
after Satan reach~we start to practice until around 10am only we buy our entrance ticket and enter the event hall~

juz like last year~the event hall is big~and i love the changing room~big and air-cond~~wheee~~~~and there oso got Omatsuri and other events~like Karaoke Competition and OTP(one two pair) competition~

during the events~met a lot of friend~and camwhoring~XDXD~~~haha~~so fun~~
Eddie Camwhore Time~~XD(photo credit to Eddie)

Bullied by WhiteFox....oTL....(photo credit to Shinya)

oh yea~~and i was cosplaying as Giulio Di Bondone~from Lucky dog1~~
(photo credit to 熊賀櫻奈)

After the event end~well...not really ended cuz the event continue until 9pm with the rock band performance.....but we left early cuz too tired edi~

so we head off to Asia Cafe to have a nice dinner~~XD~~after that all of us only go home and rest~~~~~XDDDDD

nice drinks ish nice~~especially after a tiring day~~(photo credit Liq)

haha~~the next day still continue with tiring day on move my stuff back to my mum hse~~XDXD~~~~

and now~~~~all of us are waiting for next week AFA~~~~so there sure got lotsa photo and story tat will happen~~

so till the next update~~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

TAF10+Anicom 3rd week+Genting Trip

ahahahaha~~~~this time is 3 in 1 report~LOL....
yessu.....and end up tired....LOL
well~~here we goes~~starting with TAF2010~XD
TAF(Taylor Asaban Fest) is on Saturday(28August2010)~so MonaDave,Gin and Vix edi come to my hse on Friday nite~so no need to rush on tat day~
well....i dunno the place exactly.....and~~~vix say he know~cuz he been there~plus he got GPS~LOL~sooooo....wats happen later tat make us all lost for almost 1 and a half hours....ahahahahahha....1st~the road show the 1st taylor~which is situated near the Sunway Area...we kinda turn 2 round for tat...
me:isn't this 1 didn't been use for long time edi??[cuz the name changes edi]
vix:its correct la~this is the one show on GPSdave:[asking the building guards]is this the lakeside campus?
Guard:no,the lakeside is the one near the LDP[we all 囧]...u take the road...alksdhobiducaskudha....[vix and gin talking behind so i can't hear anything...]
2nd time...vix switch his GPS to 2nd Taylor tat located near the Subang Area[near Inti]...we also turn dunno how many times edi...summore i becoming Crazy Taxi...= ='''
dave:ahahaha..this is the rite place la....last year Ah Gua lead the wrong place oso until here
me:wtf...= =
end up................me:i dun see any lake or taylor
dave:shud be here ma...vix:[calling Liq and Liq pass the phone to Shawn]wei wei wei........mana lakeside campus?we at the taylor near Inti there but dunno where....Shawn:nonono...u guys taking the wrong way edi....its at the U turn side of the LDP...
all of us....again....囧.......
3rd time.....finally we reach the lakeside....arghhhhh......fxxk GPS.....arghhh.....and we create a new song for tat day....Sunway大路走九遍~~~~LOLand after TAF daytime event~all of us tired edi...so we head for Summer Rooftop for Steambot.....LOL......go home with full tummy....ahahaha~~~here some photo for the TAF10~

me at TAF as Dotachin~XDErika and Walker at my both side~too bad dun have Togusa....>3< ==================================================================

Now head for 2nd event~Anicom 3rd week~~also the final week of Anicom this year~
this year Anicom sure got full of entertainment and all the contestant doing their best to perform~
as for the finale~epic awsm cool funny skit are all out~~XD
but~there is some bad thing happen b4 we reach Sg Wang...so wats tat??
yea...its my car...suddenly in the middle of our journey so we have to park the car at KL Sentral and rush to SG wang by Taxi.....so when we reach there its edi 1pm....Dave,Gin and Vix go to Misaki's car to pick his LuBu's costume and armour~while me and Hapi discussing our skit plus calling Wen to make sure he reach on time~*phew*
when the competition suppose to start at 3.......the emcee~Yoro stuck in the traffic jam late for the show~haha....but all the audience and contestant willing to wait~and the last week is the crowded audience ever...whoa~nice nice nice~~XDXD
well...i can't say too much bout Anicom...cuz it'll take ages~ahaha~~of coz la cuz got total 21 contestant~woohoo~~geng ar~~X3~
hmmnn~~the winnerlist for 3 weeks is as below~
1st week:
Grand prize>Sakana Sashimi as Euphemia(Code Geass)
Consolation Prize>Venus as Sumire Kanzaki(Sakura Taisen)
2nd week:
Grand Prize:Sky Fara as Sumomo(Chobits)
Consolation Prize:Yuxuan as Lelouch(Code Geass)
3rd week:
Grand Prize:Wugui as .....forgot the name(PILI)
Consolation Prize: ZCDave as LuBu
so lets juz enjoy some photo~LOL

taken b4 Yoro reach Anicom~

helping Wen on his Skit~XD

my stupid skit~ahaha~~CNN~~~XDXD~~~with Sonny Lauya LCD~

Lubu~~is Dave~~ahaha~~he is the 1st week Monalisa and 2nd week 赌神高进!!!!!!!XDXD

the end of Anicom with group photo~~XDXDXD


last~~~a short 1~~~hahaha~~~
after a day the anicom ends~
me,Misaki,Cindy,Vix,Rex and Dave went up to Genting to have fun and relax~
and we have lotsa fun over there~
bumper car~random photoshooting~
done some stupid things too~
1st~we wearing wig and hangout around the First World~when we wanna take lunch~Misaki said we head for the Casino 1...end up me and rex had to check IC...LOL...Dave and Vix success to get in without getting suspicious.....[they are underage]
2nd~Misaki,Dave and Vix bet to stay in cold air without shirts on for 15 mins....damn kisiao...and cannot laugh at the last mins with all my lame joke...= =.........LOL......
these few day really had some AWSM days~~
wish everyday also can be like this~

well...its gonna be long story if i din stop here~
so i juz stop rite here and see u guys on the next updates~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori2010 & TRC photoshoot

well~~its quite been awhile since i last update in here~
i juz gonna make it short cuz...ahaha...yea...dunno wat to say~
start from Saturday~is Bon Odori~actually there is another event called C2Age at Tropicana Mall but i didn't go~
cuz i been sick for almost 2 weeks and juz recovered...and i dun like to rush for 2 event in a day~XDso~me and Yuan changes our yukata in my office and go BO by my collegue car~XDXD~
we reach there around 4pm and the parking edi half full....OMG...

the whole night we went chatting and having fun at BO~and before BO end~i went to join the cultural dance with Yuan~XDXD~~here is 2 photo on BO tat day~
continue~~on sunday is the most awesome and fun day for me~
a cosplay photoshoot~~XDXD
its been few month i had a photoshoot and this time sure is damn fun~
nice environment~
nice wheather(still got rain summore)
nice photographers~and nice cosplayers~~~credit to u allllllllllll~~~~XDXDXDDDD~~~i'm not gonna say much on this shoot~haha~~
so enjoy some teaser~lalalala~~~~
oh yea~is Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles photoshoot~~XDDD
Sakura and Syaoran

Kurogane and Tomoyo

Fay and Chi

Credits to all~~~u guys are the best~~XDXDDDDDDDDD~~~

until here then~
stay tune for next update~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video Game Live 2010@Malaysia

Today was the day~yesh is the day~
Video Game Live 1st time in Malaysia after they traveling around the world since 2002~XD

So~today i went to KLCC very damn early~yea~going to Pikom PC Fair also~and wanna go to watch the WCG~LOL.....and...end up....disappointed at pc Fair and didn't go to WCG...*emo*
summore to day were so crowded...gosh....

nearly 1pm~went to the entrance of Plenary Hall and met Potter them~haha~hugging spree again of coz~LOL~while other go to get change for later cosplay competition~XD

and on 2.30pm the show start~with the opening short OST title "Yuri the Only One For Me"
can check out this link~

and~the orchestra started with many memorable video game music such as Space Invaders~and lotsa more~forgot to mention before they start~when the National Symphony practice the songs~we heard lotsa music like Street Fighter Puzzle too~XD

and the 1st performance was Metal Gear Solid~wheeee~~~and other what i remember are God of War,Shadow of Colosus,War of Warcraft,Legend of Zelda,Sonic the Hedgehog,Super Mario Brothers,Disney,FF7-One Wing Angel(TAT FOR SURE~)~XDD

and there is special performance such as Guitar Heroes,Laura Intravia's flutes performance(she cosplayed Link omigosh~kakkooii~~),Norihiko Hibino's saxophone performance~and Space Invaders(well...its game challenge session for this 1~)

and never forgot to mention the VGL host and conductor Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall~both of them are damn awesome~XDD~they are the 1 to bring VGL to Malaysia~cool~XD

and for the encore session~all the audience tool out their psp,nds,cellphone and even notebook and wave~tats was awesome~and yea i did bring my nds~ahahaha~~~and encore session they played last 2 video game music that is Crono Trigger,Crono Cross and Castlevania~woohoo~XD~I love when they played the Castlevania~all the special guest all comin out and play together with the Symphony~XD

well~~after shows end~all went out and getting VGL merchandise....T^T...i din go to get any cuz i gotta rush back to office to work~but it worth~~yea~worth to spent RM203 and take a half day leave juz for Video Game Live~~XDDD~and if there were next time in Malaysia~i will definitely go again and this time i wanna get their autograph~teehee~XD

yosh~~still hyped....ahaha~but need to end here now~
till the next updates~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Last GACC Report

yes,this is the last GACC after the event had make many epic moment for the past 5years.
this year,the 5th GACC had finally come to the last...but that doesn't mean its the last!

okies~on 1st day~when we arrived MMU~park our car at the parking area...(tat time fall down and hurt myself...T^T)

the 1st thing we arrive at the hall...we kinda shock...cuz the hall being used for the MMU open day...so we are wondering where is the GACC...hmmnn...so its end up at the previous changing room...OMFG...epic phail la....>3<>3<... so the whole day i stay outside and only go in to the room when there is band performance and Dai_Spammerz dance performance~well~among all the bands~i love Kawai Sakura the most~~they juz rock to the ultimate~~hehe~XDDDDD

After 1st day end~we packed and go back to hotel~wow~the apartment so big and it can fit max 30ppl in it~u really can imagine it~(total 3 big bedroom with total 2double bed 5single bed and total 3 big bathroom,and there is living room too,summore it ain't small~) after rest for awhile and bath,we leave the apartment and head to Mahkota Parade and had our dinner at Shibaraku~(total 40++ ppl~cool~)

2nd day morning~we had our breakfast at the hotel after that only check out head to MMU again~2nd day is far better then 1st day cuz they using back the hall~*phew*~more spacious and air-cond~but its looks like fewer cosplayer then the 1st day,i wonder y...and today also got few band performance too~and the cosplayy competition were too AWSM~congrats Xajin for winning the 1st price~finally u did it my dear bro~XDDDDD

And on the end of the day...i nearly cry during the last speech...yea...it kinda sad..for all those years...giving the memories of joy and fun...and its juz end like this...really really...there to much to say but end up dunno where to start...

okies~now go for little photo~well~i din took these photo...hehe~credit to al the photographers out there~XDD breakfast on day 1~~credit to KClee~XDDD

Vocaloid Family on day 1~~haha~~the memorable moment of "Anti-Miku Day" and "Kaito Day"~

end of day 1 we go to Shibaraku for dinner~~lol~nearly died by Potter and Shio's bearhug~XD

Meiko-Gekokujou ver. on day 2~photo taken by a photographer...didn't manage to get his name~X3

me and yukito~uwaaaahhh~~~i wan the cat paws!!!!!

taken when Xajian get the 1st place of cosplay competition~he finally did it~~really happy for him~XDD~~photo credit to bazooka photographer Alan Chin~LOL


Till the next update~